Things I like: The Great Discontent

The Great Discontent is one of the best sites I’ve come across recently. It features weekly interviews with creative people, about “understanding the human side of creativity and our innate drive to create that keeps pulling us forward.” The interviews dive into the background of the interviewee and how they came to be where they are. Focusing more on questions like “are you satisfied creatively?” than “which tools do you use?”. The interviews are great, and the site is beautifully designed. It also has one of best responsive design implementations I’ve seen.

The Great Discontent interview with Chris Glass

But the thing I like the most about The Great Discontent is that the site is the content. You go there and you’re immediately immersed in the interview. There is no blog-like list of recent interviews with a read more link, no carousel of “featured interviews”. There is just the interview with some minimal navigational elements. I love that. When I visit the site, I know if it’s a new interview, or one I’ve already read. It’s a deliberate decision to put the content first, and above all else. I think too many sites are afraid to be so bold.

This is the first a new series of posts I hope to do about things I like. As someone who spends all day creating things, I feel like I should spend a bit more time sharing and recognizing some of the things that inspire me.