v1.1 - 10.5 and later

Extract is a Mac OS X app to take a chunk of html and load it in it's own mostly chromeless window. Ideally built for loading embedded flash video in it's own window. Read the introductory blog post for more info and to see a short screencast.

To simplify the usage of Extract, I've created a bookmarklet to load content directly into Extract. Drag this Extract bookmarklet link to your bookmarks bar. On any page that has content you want to view in Extract, just click the bookmarklet and click the content you want to watch. More about this in this blog post.

Thanks to Curt Kotula for designing the icon. Code is on Github


  • v1.1: Added support for loading content in extract via extract:// url
  • v1.0.1: Fixed 64-bit issue in Leopard
  • v1.0: Initial release


Extract screenshot