Crosshairs icon

Crosshairs 1.0b2

Crosshairs is an app for getting the dimensions of items on your screen. You can draw a transparent overlay overtop of any app and adjust the box as much as you want. Crosshairs strives for simplicity. It's a menu bar app with a minimal interface. You can download the beta for free to test it out. More details will be available soon on final release date and pricing. Beta testers will be able to buy the final release version for a discount.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Crosshairs is a menu bar app and has a very minimal interface. There is a little bit of extra functionality you can access via keyboard shortcuts.

  • esc or cmd-h - hide app
  • command-shift-2 - global hotkey to activate the app
  • arrow keys - move the overlay by 1 pixel
  • shift + arrow keys - move the overlay by 10 pixels
  • tab - switch between the black or white overlay
  • cmd + up/down arrow - increase or decrease the opacity of the overlay
  • cmd-c - copy current dimensions to clipboard
  • delete - clear the current overlay


To Do

  • Add preference to control global hotkey
  • Add ability to copy current dimensions to clipboard
  • Add preference for dimensions format when copied
  • Add preference to start at login
  • Fix constraining overlay to square by holding shift while dragging
  • Press spacebar to take screenshot of overlayed area?
  • Keep the overlay between hiding/showing the app
  • Switch text color on white overlay
  • Move dimensions outside overlay when less than 200px


  • 1.0b2 (11/15/2010)
    • Updated beta expiration date
  • 1.0b1 (11/4/2010)
    • New app icon
    • Now preventing crosshairs from appearing if app is set to launch at login
    • Added preference for showing dock icon and main menu in addition to menu bar icon (experimental)
  • 1.0b (10/31/2010)
    • Delete key now clears overlay
    • Spacebar now takes a screenshot
    • Fixed text shadow color on white overlay
    • Fixed issue where arrow cursor would show instead of crosshairs
    • Hides handles on resize and when not hovering over overlay
    • Fixed some resizing bugs
    • Updated crosshairs cursor
    • Moved dimensions outside of overlay when too small to fit inside
    • Fixed some issues where Sparkle update windows could get blocked
    • Added user preferences
      • Can now change overlay colors
      • Can specify format format for copying dimensions to clipboard
      • Can choose to always display dimensions outside overlay instead of just when it's too small
      • Can choose global hotkey to use instead of cmd-shift-2
      • Option to automatically start app at login
      • Enable/disable automatic updates
  • 0.9.1b (10/7/2010)
    • Changed "Activate" to "Show" in dropdown menu
    • Changed switch overlay color keyboard shortcut from alt (option) to tab
    • When switching from black to white, text color reverses as well
    • Made sure cmd-shift-2 works with both 2 keys
    • Cmd-Q now quits the app
    • Cmd-H hides the app
    • When hiding/showing the app, the current overlay is maintained
    • Compiled to run on Leopard, but haven't tested it, may not work properly
    • Cmd-C copies current dimensions to clipboard
  • 0.9b (10/6/2010)
    • Initial Beta release

*Crosshairs is only supported on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).