Hi, I’m Zach Waugh, a software engineer living in Baltimore. I’ve worked with a variety of languages and platforms over my career, but my passion for the last 10 years has been building iOS apps. I consider myself a product engineer, my focus is always on the details that make a great product that goes beyond just writing good code.

Currently, I’m an iOS engineer at Rewatch. Prior to that, I was Lead iOS Developer at Basecamp, responsible for the development of all their iOS apps, including HEY and Basecamp 3. Before Basecamp, I made a popular native Campfire client for macOS and iOS called Flint, build v2 of CloudApp for Mac, and much more. See all my work for the nitty gritty.

After a hiatus of a few years, I started working on my own side projects again. A few months ago I released Whirl to scratch my own itch for a dead-simple sketching app.

When I’m not working and get a moment of free time (which is rare since I have two kids), I’ve been learning woodworking and pizza making.

Pepperoni pizza coming out of an Ooni oven
Pepperoni pizza coming out of an Ooni oven


Twitter or Mastodon is the best place to get in touch or follow what I’m working on — @zachwaugh or @zachwaugh@mastodon.social. You can also find all my open-source code on GitHub. I’m not a fan of LinkedIn, but I’m there too.

Always feel free to email me directly zwaugh@gmail.com with any questions or just to say hello, I always love to connect with new people.